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In June of 2007, Coast to Coast Newsstand Services Partnership (“CTC”) celebrated thirty years in Canada as a National Distributor of magazines having served the needs of North American publishers longer than any other Canadian National Distributor.

In its early years, and for much of its life, CTC was owned by Maclean-Hunter, and primarily distributed magazines published in-house. Additionally CTC represented a small but prestigious number of third party Canadian magazines, and the company became synonymous with quality magazines - a tradition that continues today. The Maclean-Hunter organization was purchased by Rogers Media in 1994, and under this new ownership, CTC continued to build and improve the business.

In June of 2000, Rogers sold a majority interest in the business to three industry veterans, Glenn Morgan, Frank Auddino, and Scott Bullock. The new ownership and management structure provided the platform for a program of sustained expansion and business development, previously unattainable.

The new team put together a blueprint with the end goal of providing CTC publishers with unprecedented levels of service. With great passion, innovation, and creativity, the motto ‘Putting Publishers First’ became the CTC mantra.

The enthusiastic efforts and fresh new approaches to industry challenges attracted magazine publishers who were serious about building their newsstand business. CTC became true partners with their publishers in designing and implementing strategies for greater newsstand success, both at the check-out and on the mainline fixtures.

An impressive and effective team of individuals was built one by one, and what followed was the most dynamic growth and development by a National Distributor in the history of Canadian newsstand distribution.

In September 2005, the major Canadian periodical wholesalers acquired the majority interest in the business with Rogers Media retaining their ownership stake.

With the support of our ownership group, CTC has been able to elevate its service levels to an even greater degree, and continues to build its strength in the marketplace, while remaining committed, as always, to the ideals of working for the betterment of our clients and to “Putting our Publishers First”.
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