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Step One - The National Distributor
Any magazine wanting to be successful on the newsstand needs to know the value of marketing. Before a magazine reaches the public, you will need to sell your magazine to two main groups. First stop - the National Distributor.

We evaluate all new titles and give honest answers about the newsstand potential. We know what's hot. We know the categories that are doing well and the chains where those magazines are selling. This also means we know what's not selling. Therefore, all new publishers will need to have the look, the energy and the feel of a winner.

When you come to Coast to Coast for an evaluation, you can rest assured that any appraisal offered will be backed by information systems that are second to none. Numerous reports are run as part of the process. Why do we do this? Because you deserve it. It's your money you are investing and we believe it needs to be invested wisely. So why repeat mistakes others have made? We cut to the chase, offering an honest evaluation that will be to the point and will help keep the entire process on track.

It is here you need to know a little about the Coast to Coast team and how we operate. Any new publisher with CTC will be assigned an Account Executive. This individual will be your main contact person throughout the entire process of

  • setting up your title
  • determining the chains to be targeted
  • providing feedback regarding magazine covers
  • recommending in-store promotions
  • suggesting your best shipping alternatives

Here's where the Coast to Coast advantage really kicks in. Quite simply, we have the best team available. All Account Executives bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and every member of our team is more than willing to share all of their knowledge with you.

This level of expertise exists at all other levels of the company. Marketing, logistics, distribution, regional managers, accounting, as well as upper management - it's all here at Coast to Coast.

Step Two - The Retailer
People often ask what retail outlets we have access to when it comes to selling magazines. The simple answer is that we have the potential to place your magazine wherever periodicals are sold, including supermarkets, bookstores, convenience stores, and airports. But you also need to know it's not guaranteed that any or all of these retailers will take your title, especially when it comes to the major chains.

Chain buyers control what titles are carried in their stores. They are constantly being approached to stock new magazines and their approval list often contains a limited number of new titles. One of the shining points of the Coast to Coast advantage is that we have the best marketing department available. We possess superb contacts at the chain level and all publishers are guaranteed a top notch effort when it comes to presenting your title. All we ask from you is a great cover, some sparkling copy to help us make the pitch, and your enthusiasm for the entire project.

We will need a great looking prototype (whether a published copy, mock-up or pdf) in order to help us make the sale. This prototype should include:

  • the cover (most critical)
  • contents page
  • mission statement (what sets you apart)
  • an article or two that represents a taste of what the reader will get in a typical issue

Once we have the above, we can then approach the chain buyer to convince them we have a winner.

For any new launch, a promotion budget is also necessary. If you believe in your product, enhanced display space will get copies off of the mainline and to a place where customers will be inclined to buy it. Sometimes it's necessary to purchase promotions in order to get listed. Getting “listed” essentially means having a form signed by the chain saying that wholesalers can supply copies. These "Authorization to Supply" forms are signed by the chain buyer and authorizes that copies can go into various retailers who are part of the chain. Without these forms, the wholesaler will not supply copies.

As a publisher with Coast to Coast, it is our job to use all of our resources to get your title to the appropriate chains. By adding your magazine to our roster, you become part of our extended family and our goals - your continued and ongoing newsstand success - will be mutual.

Though no one can guarantee success in the newsstand environment, being with Coast to Coast only increases your chances of a powerful launch and strong sales – both now and long into the future.

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