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Packaging Do's:

• Do use benefit-oriented cover lines. Sell your editorial to readers

• Do use a "sky bar" at the top of the cover to promote features. Use this prime real estate for short, punchy teasers guaranteed to stop consumers

• Do use cover slashes to highlight noteworthy items

• Do use the left-hand margin aggressively for cover lines

• Do use white backgrounds for maximum contrast

• Do use big bold typography. Readers need to see it clearly

• Do use numbers to quantify value i.e. "500 Best Restaurants" and "Top 10 Public Gardens Coast to Coast"

• Do go perfect bound

• Do use quality cover stock and UV coating. Statistics show that this makes a difference to the consumer

• Do make the cover fun and informative

Packaging Don'ts:

• Don't put main cover line at the bottom of the cover. It needs to be in a prime location

• Don't use illustrations on the cover

• Don't be depressing on the cover

• Don't be too clever or too cute with cover lines

• Don't be subtle

• Don't have a cluttered cover. On the cover less is more

• Don't be afraid to sell. Use the cover as a marketing tool, because that's what it is. It is not an artist's portfolio

• Don't use white drop out cover lines, unless the type is huge

• Don't be afraid to do all type covers. Sometimes these can be more effective than using a photo

• Don't be preachy, pompous, or pretentious on the cover

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