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Top 20 Rules for Newsstand Success:

1. There are ALWAYS exceptions to the rules

2. Subject matter matters

3. Sell your benefits in your cover lines. Use this tool to promote editorial that will interest readers

4. Understand the real estate, remember, it is unlikely that 100 percent of the cover will be seen at the checkout. Use space wisely

5. Don't be cute with cover lines. Avoid puns, and obscure references

6. Be controversial and collectible. Play up your special issues as much as possible

7. Create a database and use it to improve your odds. You have sales data for a reason. Refer to it and use it

8. Consult your consumer marketing director BEFORE DEADLINES.

9. Clean over cluttered. Less is more to a hurried shopper. Help consumers focus on your main message by cleaning up clutter

10. Photos over illustrations. Statistics show that illustrated covers rarely work 11. BE FUN TO READ! There's room to be depressing inside the magazine

12. Use bold type treatments. Sell your cover with bold typography

13. Colour over black and white. Make the cover visually appealing

14. Smiling subjects, not frowning

15. Develop annuals and build them up. Build your brand!

16. Secondary sell-lines important. Give the reader more incentive to purchase your book

17. Packaging matters (cover stock, size of book, binding) The market leaders are oversized, perfect bound, and UV coated

18. Use premiums. There's lots of room for creative minds here!

19. Promote at point of purchase - be visible and accessible. Be aggressive and work with your national distributor

20. Oh yeah, SEX SELLS! But you already knew that

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