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UPC Do's:

• Order code(s) well in advance of printing. Never leave it to the last minute

• Change your code for each issue

• Notify your distributor of special issues and price changes (this affects your UPC)

• Apply your code in the lower, right hand corner of the front cover where the real estate is anything but prime

• Order your code at the size you want (80 percent to 100 percent)

• Consult your distributor before ordering, or re-using a code

UPC Don'ts:

• Order your code while waiting at press

• Use the same code for all issues

• Use white-out to change your code

• "Cut and paste" bars from old codes to create a new code

• Cut out a UPC from another title and paste onto yours

• Apply your code within the magazine

• Shrink your code

• Colour your code

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