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It is the role of each Account Executive to work with their respective publishers to determine the most effective path for achieving their specific needs and objectives. With unlimited access to real-time and historical information and data, we are able to provide the best tools in the industry for targeting opportunities and forming a strategic plan to maximize sales and efficiencies. Account Services is the liaison between publishers, wholesalers and retailers for all aspects of the newsstand environment. From allotment and distribution reviews for print orders, to promotional planning, to checkout positioning and on-time delivery of magazines, we work with the balance of the Coast To Coast team to communicate and execute the needs for each issue.

The Account Executive team has extensive experience in the newsstand sales business and each executive brings a wealth of knowledge and industry relationships to their roles. Publishers represented by Coast To Coast Newsstand Services Partnership are confident that they are in the hands of the best!

For more information please contact April Ruckemann, Director of Account Services at AprilR@ctcmagazines.com.
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