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As a leader in the Canadian national distribution industry, Coast to Coast would be nowhere without the hard work of the Logistics Department. Like the cog work in a grandfather clock, CTC’s logistics team works to ensure that publishers’ material gets from Point A to Point B on time and with no kinks in the clockwork.

While shipping is a major part of the department’s responsibilities – making arrangements with printers, ensuring on-sale dates are met and resolving overages and shortages – there is much more to what the logistics team is accountable for.

Invoicing wholesalers, following up to ensure the titles are correct, and updating our system of changes are all tasks associated with the department. Production schedules are also revised and updated by logistics as they are received from the publisher, which ranks as one of the most vital facets of the shipping process. CTC’s Logistics Department personally guides all of your issues from the time they leave the printers until they hit the newsstand for sale.

For more information, please contact Rawle Maynard, Logistics Manager at RawleM@ctcmagazines.com.
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