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Coast to Coast’s Regional Managers serve as the company’s eyes and ears within our wholesaler partners across Canada.

Each regional manager works meticulously on distribution by dealer for each of their respective wholesale agencies and strives to ensure that promotions and checkout pockets have the proper distribution in place in order to meet the publisher’s objectives. They work hand-in-hand with wholesalers to settle allotments and ensure that the product is invoiced at the wholesale level.

Our team comprises of several CTC employees across the Nation. Kelly Borkowsky works tirelessly from her office in British Columbia to manage The News Group’s western accounts, including Vancouver, Vernon and Edmonton as well as Monahan News.. In the east, Lona Bourke handles Metro News, MedliaLogix, The News Group Ontario and Atlantic from TNG’s Burlington office. Pam Gucciardi makes certain that distribution goes smoothly for our northernmost wholesalers in Ontario, including Central News and Sudbury News. And our affiliates at NewsWest and Benjamin News take directives from our account executives in order to set the best distribution possible for our publishers.

CTC’s Regional Managers are truly a publisher’s lifeline to the newsstand industry’s wholesale level.

For more information please contact Darlene Earle, Director of Distribution & Logistics at DarleneE@ctcmagazines.com.
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