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Coast to Coast’s Retail Display Allowance (RDA) department manages the collection and processing RDA of on behalf of our publishers.

Each quarter, RDA is claimed by the retailer and a rebate is given in a timely manner, which is in turn paid for by the publisher. Everything is done in-house, from collecting RDA contracts and managing sales reports to preparing, submitting and filing the claims.

Our highly dedicated RDA Advisor, along with her support team, will ensure that your account is given the in-depth inspection and scrutiny it deserves. Coast to Coast knows that it is imperative that this transaction be a smooth, satisfying one for all parties involved. It ensures that your partners in the newsstand industry – retailers and wholesalers – are happy and confident in your product.

For more information, please contact Scott Gosse, Director, Information Technology at ScottG@ctcmagazines.com.
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